Why invest in Electroneum?

Back in Novemver2017, when Electroneum ICO started, 1 ETC was about R0.14.  While writing this post, Electroneum is worth R2.17, that is worth 15 times more than when I first invested in ETC.

So, if you had 300 ETC in November 2017 at 14c with a total value of R42, it would have had a value of R630.  I would call that a good investment, wouldn’t you?

Today I am giving you the opportunity to join Electroneum and also stand a chance to win 1000 ETN (Valued at R2,170.00 on 14 January 2018) and become part of the Electroneum revolution.

Download the Electroneum Apk from Google Play (iOs coming soon) here and once you have finished installing it, go to “More / Earn FREE Coins” and enter my code, 67F37C, for a chance to win.

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